To whom it is addressed

Owners of musical instruments with a value between € 1,000 and € 250,000


Maximum for legal and expert fees

€ 5.000,00


Given guarantees

Disputes of a contractual nature deriving from non-fulfillment relating to the following situations:

- disputes with those who transport or deliver instruments to the insured;

- disputes with insurance company that insures the instrument or the home where the instrument is stored;

- disputes for non-compliance relating to the restoration of the instrument;

- events relating to the loan of instruments to exhibitions and / or fairs.

Annual premium

€ 4,70

ADDITIONAL WARRANTY (with extra premium)

EXTENSION OF CONTRACTUAL DISPUTES (only for those who adhere to the basic policy)


For dependent musicians, coverage can also be extended to:

  • individual disputes relating to employment relationships;

  • opposition to administrative measures in the field of employee work.

The guarantee also insures legal and expert fees (in any case of court proceedings including transaction and losing costs) for:

  • pedestrians / cyclists - request for compensation for non-contractual damages following road accidents;

  • criminal defense for negligent acts or fines, including violations in administrative tax matters;

  • criminal defense for malicious acts, including violations in administrative tax matters;

  • claims for damages of an extra-contractual nature;

  • disputes with public welfare or social insurance institutions or bodies;

  • objections to administrative measures relating to private life and property management;

  • contractual disputes relating to disputes with condominiums and / or condominiums;

  • "TUTELA MOTOR" package (criminal defense for culpable crimes or fines related to road accidents including road homicide or serious or very serious personal injury - criminal defense for willful crimes related to road accidents - release from seizure of the vehicle - opposition to administrative sanctions - disputes with Accident insurance companies) .


Maximum per event

 € 25.000 (unlimited per year)



 € 91.00