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The agreement allows EGB members to take advantage of discounted rates (discounts up to 30%) for the various types of policies highlighted below.

Ask for a quotation without obligation; download the questionnaire, click on it, fill it and send it to

Insurance covers for individual musicians, orchestras and for bands of any kind. They have validity all over the world, cover any type of classical instrument, no matter where it is (in use, during transport, by third parties), and guarantees against any damage, including theft.

An unique policy on the Italian market, addressed to musicians of electrical and electronic instruments, for audio/lighting events and shows service, for recording rooms and for public places. This policy, in guarantees any type of instrument and electrical/electronic equipment and can also cover:

- Amplifiers in general, Guitar and bass effects, tuners, metronomes.

- Effects (Modulizer, Virtualizer, Feedb, Destroyer etc.), MIDI accessories for keyboards, Accompaniment modules and sequencers, sound modules, master keyboards and MIDI controllers.

- Digital / analogue amplifiers, active speakers, passive speakers, DJ equipment, DJ mixers.

- Samplers, Computers and Peripherals, MIDI and DAT Interfaces, Studio Mixers and Controllers, Studio Monitors, Dynamics and Effects Processors, Digital Multitrack Recorders, Digital Portable Recorders, Sound Cards.

- Small parts, meaning for example: strings, picks, reeds, skins, knobs, levers, jumpers, harnesses and the like, magnetic tapes, batteries, software, hardware and memorized samples, light bulbs, LEDs and warning lights of any kind, valves, circuits and conductors.

The policy guarantees from material and direct damage in case of accidental events that cause the loss, destruction or damage of the insured instrument. This has validity at the Contractor’s lab and outside. The insurance is provided uninterruptedly, during the use of the instrument, during transport and during periods of inactivity. The insurance is also valid if the instruments are given to third parties in use (this also means for trial), for custody, for maintenance or for transport.

Therefore, the policy guarantees also instruments given for rental or sent to third parties.


The policy guarantees any type of instrument shipment all over the world. The Company reserves the right to make recourse against the carrier.

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