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assicurazioni strumenti musicali di qualsiasi tipo


Assimusica – Studio Broker srl Music Department – In our headquarters in CREMONA, we take care of all insurance coverage for the world of music and entertainment in general.

This year we had the pleasure of celebrating ASSIMUSICA'S 20 YEARS of activity. We started by insuring various lutherie shops in Cremona and, year by year, we have gained skills and experience that have led us to insure:


  •      Modern and classical music instruments 

  •      Orchestras and bands

  •      Musicians and singers 

  •      Music schools and conservatories

  •      Theatres, lyrical and symphonic institutions

  •      Foundations and Museums

  •      Private collectors

  •      Luthiers, bow makers, restorers, antique dealers

  •      Event and exhibition organizers

  •      Recording studios

  •      Music stores and traders

  •      Audio and video services


The different types of tools and equipment or activities require differentiated coverage solutions. Over the years we have developed, building them step by step, flexible and adaptable insurance proposals to every situation and every need, collaborating with the main companies in the national and international insurance market. It is a matter of pride for us to see that there are those who try to copy them.

Contact us for any of your problems and we will strive to solve it. And Beware of Imitations!

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