Assimusica – Studio Broker srl Music Department – has its headquarter in Cremona  and it deals with all kind of insurances concerning the world of music and entertaiment.

We developed our experience analyzing all the risks in the field over the years.

We ensure:


  •      Modern and classical music instruments 

  •      Orchestras and bands

  •      Musicians and singers 

  •      Music schools and conservatories

  •      Theatres, lyrical and symphonic institutions

  •      Foundations

  •      Private collectors

  •      Luthiers, bow makers, restorers, antique dealers

  •      Event and exhibition organizers

  •      Recording studios

  •      Music stores and traders

  •      Audio and video services


Each instrument and tool need different coverage solutions, that’s why we developed flexible and adaptable policies. We can fastly give you also temporary or daily coverages and we suggest you the best solutions from national and interantional insurance market.


Assimusica Divisione Musica di Studio Broker srl - Broker di Assicurazioni • Viale Po, 52/b – 26100 Cremona
                   Tel. 0372/25437 - Fax 0372/569829 •  e-mail : info@assimusica.itwww.assimusica.it

                                             Partita IVA 01491510192 •  Iscrizione  RUI Sez. B n.B000332204