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The contents of the new accident insurance policy are stipulated with a leading Italian company and are enriched with new guarantees, aiming to address any category of musician, singers of all kinds and orchestra directors.

The insured is free to build his own policy based on his real needs. In fact, it will be able to choose among the various guarantees offered by the product based on modular criteria both in its complete form and in its professional or non-professional form.

• Death

• Permanent disability

• Daily allowance for admission or plastering

• Reimbursement of medical expenses


The policy provides for a 100% overestimation in the event of total, anatomical or functional loss of the essential organs for carrying out its activity (the total loss is the functional reduction for at least 2/3 of the organ).



The policy includes  guaranteed assistance , which consists in sending to the home of a general practioner, a nurse or a physiotherapist in case of an accident in addition to a telephone medical advice service. It also guarantees the home delivery of urgent medicines and healthcare items and shopping; transport by ambulance in Italy, transfer to an equipped hospital center and return from the same, as well as return with a family member; the advance of medical expenses, the expenses for the trip of a family member, the accompaniment of minors, the driver available, the extension of the stay.

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