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Cremona has a historically important reality in the world of violin making. This contributed to find the best insurance solutions for this sector. That’s why we have created a policy that protects both proprietary and restorative and / or store sales tools at a  workshop.


The policy guarantees material and direct damages as a result of accidental events that cause the loss, destruction or damage of the insured items. This works both at the Contractor's lab and outside. The insurance is provided uninterruptedly, during the use of the tools, during transport and during periods of inactivity. The insurance is also valid if the objects are given to third parties in use: this means for the instruments given in trial, for custody, for maintenance or transport, without prejudice to the right of the Company to claim against such third parties. Therefore, leased tools can also be included in the guarantee.
The policy provides for the possibility to insure both fixed assets and managing the various entries and exits from the laboratory (tools for restoration, sale, trial data, rental, etc.). Through an online management (or via fax) the coverage can be given with immediate effect to the revenue and, with the same system, to the exits. At the end of the insurance annuity, the prize will be settled.



The possibility to build customized policies, according to the needs of each laboratory, does not allow to establish standard rates. This means that often the premiums of our proposals are lower than those normally required by the market.

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