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A) Amplifiers in general, effects for guitar and bass, tuners, metronomes;
B) Effects (Modulizer, Virtualizer, Feedb. Destroyer etc. etc.), MIDI accessories for keyboards, accompaniment and sequencer modules, sound modules, master keyboards and MIDI controllers
C) Digital / analogue amplifiers, active speakers, passive speakers, DJ equipment, DJ Mixer,
D) Samplers, Computers and Peripherals, MIDI and DAT Interfaces, Studio Mixers and Controllers, Studio Monitors, Dynamics and Effects Processors, Digital Multitrack Recorders, Portable Digital Recorders, Sound Cards.

By SMALL PARTS we mean by way of example but not limiting:
strings, picks, reeds, skins, knobs, levers, jumpers, tailpieces and the like, magnetic tapes, batteries and batteries, software and hardware and samples stored or in media of any kind, bulbs, LEDs and lights of any kind, valves, circuits and conductors.

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