Through our experience, we found the best insurance solutions for every kind of classical music instrument, for example stringed, plucked, wind instruments, keyboards and percussion instruments.


The policy reimburses material and direct damages in case of accidental events that cause the loss, destruction or damage of the insured items. This works both by the dwelling of the Contractor or outside it. The insurance is provided uninterruptedly, during the use of the instrument, during transport and during periods of non-use. The insurance also applies if the contractor gives the objects to third parties, for custody, for maintenance or for transport, without prejudice to the right of the Company to claim against such third parties.

For the violin making instruments, the "depreciation" guarantee (the decrease in the commercial value of the object after the restoration, compared to the one immediately before the accident) is considered included in the policy. The depreciation can be far superior to the pure restoration cost.


To take the risk, the stringed and pinch instruments must be accompanied by a recent estimate, flanked by a certificate of originality (if existing) and photographs of the same.

In case the owner hasn’t got an estimate, the same will be done by a professional luthier, our trustee.

In the case of all the other instruments, there must be documentation proving the purchase. Failing this, the official price list of the production company will prevail.


The client can pay the policy premium:

  • Directly at our Cremona office.

  • By bank transfer, made by the Insured to Assimusica

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