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Assimusica has specially designed an unique policy on the Italian market for musicians of electrical and electronic instruments, for audio/lighting services for events and shows, for shops of musical articles, for recording rooms and for public places. In addition to guaranteeing any type of electrical/electronic instruments, this policy may also cover:


A) Amplifiers in general, Guitar and bass effects, tuners, metronomes;


B) Effects (Modulizer, Virtualizer, Feedb, Destroyer etc.), MIDI accessories for keyboards, Accompaniment modules and sequencers, sound modules, master keyboards and MIDI controllers;


C) Digital / analogue amplifiers, active speakers, passive speakers, DJ equipment, DJ mixers;


D) Samplers, Computers and Peripherals, MIDI and DAT Interfaces, Studio Mixers and Controllers, Studio Monitors, Dynamics and Effects Processors, Digital Multitrack Recorders, Digital Portable Recorders, Sound Cards;


Any goods or entities not included in the above categories are treated and regulated from time to time, once the risk is presented.



The guarantee can also cover damages that are compensable under the terms of the policy, which affect the small parts that are part of what is insured by the policy.

For small items we must understand goods and entities not already included in the components, accessories or tools for their use, such as, but not limited to: ropes, picks, reeds, skins, knobs, levers, jumpers, harnesses and the like, magnetic tapes, batteries and batteries, software and hardware and stored samples or in any kind of media, light bulbs, leds and spies of any kind, valves, circuits and conductors.

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