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The Clients to whom we offer professional and tailor-made solutions to cover Meteo & Contingency Risks are businesses, companies, individuals or entities, which may suffer financial losses due to the occurrence of the most varied and diverse events that affect the success of their business. By way of example only: 

  •        Organizing agencies for events and concerts

  •        Cultural and tourism promotion associations

  •        Private organizers of any event

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Event Cancellation

compensation for economic losses due to cancellation, interruption, rescheduling or transfer of the Event caused by:

• unforeseen and unforeseeable causes, force majeure (including terrorism);

• no appearance of the main protagonist of the event;

• adverse weather conditions that do not allow the event to be held or set up safely.

Pluvious Event

compensation for the decrease in the turnover of an event following adverse weather events (precipitation or temperatures).

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